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10 Things Not to Do When Using Masks/Peels at Home

If you have a beauty routine, then you must have used facial masks or peels. They have become a rage in the skincare routine. Face masks and peels offer several benefits to our skin. However, few can be harmful to us. Here are 10 things not to do when using face masks or peels at home.

1. Overdoing

When using peels or masks, one should always follow the given instructions. Overuse of peels or masks can cause redness, skin irritation & even burns. Overdoing may result in dry & flaky skin.

2. Strong Chemicals

Masks and peels often have strong chemicals like salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Even though these ingredients are effective in skin exfoliation, they can irritate due to their harsh nature. People with sensitive skin should avoid such peels and masks if possible.

3. DIY Peels and Masks

The past few years have seen the steep popularity of DIY masks or peels. However, these can be harmful to the skin if not applied properly. DIY ingredients like baking soda or lemon juice can cause skin irritation, chemical burns & even permanent scars.

4. Masks & Peels with Microbeads

Microbeads are small plastic beads found in masks & peels for exfoliation. These microbeads are harmful to your skin and the environment. They can result in micro-tears and are non-biodegradable.

5. Using Masks & Peels on Cracked Skin

If your skin has cracks, scratches, cuts, open wounds, or is broken anywhere, they avoid using peels and masks at any cost. These can cause irritation as well as infection.

6. Be vary of Charcoal Masks

Charcoal masks and peels have caught the skincare industry by storm. And while they provide many benefits for the skin, they are not for everyone. They can result in skin irritation and even scars. Sometimes they get stuck in our skin and can cause burns and redness.

7. Fragrance-filled Masks & Peels

You may find your mask or peel-smelling nice. While fragrance is added to make these peels smell better, they can be harmful and irritating, especially for sensitive skin. When using peels and masks, avoid those with fragrance and look for fragrance-free products.

8. Leaving Masks or Peels on for long

When using masks and peels, always follow instructions. This includes the period for keeping the mask on the skin. Keeping the mask or peel on for a long time can cause chemical burns and irritated skin.

9. Physical Exfoliants should be handled with care

Masks & peels often have physical exfoliants like coffee grounds or sugar. Even though these ingredients are known to exfoliate our skin, they can result in skin tears due to their harsh nature. It is best to stay away from masks with exfoliants.

10. Masks Peels containing Alcohol

Masks and Peels have added alcohol for quick drying. However, alcohol can dry out the skin and can be harsh, causing dryness and irritation. As such, alcohol-based masks or peels must be avoided.

Masks & peels are no doubt a great addition to our skincare routine. While they come with several benefits, it is essential to take note of the relevant harms if not applied properly. As such, it is important to read all instructions and read the ingredients so that any harmful ingredient or formulation is avoided. Masks and peels should be used carefully, and it is best to consult with your skin care professional or a dermatologist who can give you the best advice based on your skin concerns and skin type. By being informed and cautious, you can benefit from masks & peels without risking your skin.

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