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Dr. Dyuti Das

MBBS, MD Dermatology

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Thurs - 3pm - 5pm

Sat- 11am - 12:30pm



Hair Loss Treatment


Laser Therapy


Chemical Peel


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About Dr. Dyuti Das 

Step into the realm of dermatological excellence guided by Dr. Dyuti Das, a seasoned professional boasting over 5 years of expertise. Specializing in cutting-edge solutions, Dr. Das offers transformative treatments for hair loss, advanced laser therapy, PRP, and dermatosurgeries. With an MD in Dermatology and a prestigious gold medal from Medical College, Kolkata, she brings an unwavering commitment to patient care.

Throughout her distinguished career spanning over 3 years in dermatology, Dr. Das has garnered recognition for her academic prowess, securing awards in posters, extempore speaking, and quizzes. Fueled by a passion for knowledge, she actively engages in and coordinates multiple state conferences, contributing invaluable insights to the field.

Opt for Dr. Dyuti Das for personalized, expert care supported by a robust foundation of academic excellence and a steadfast dedication to advancing dermatological well-being. Your journey to optimal skin health begins here.

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