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Welcome to

Dr. Vohra's Skin Clinic

Welcome to the Kolkata's best skin clinic, Dr. Vohra's Skin Clinic. The Dermatology and Aesthetics clinic believes in a patient-centered approach and strives to bring the best.  The team is dedicated to quality care in a very warm & friendly atmosphere with the leading Dermatologists in Kolkata. We are taking care of the safety and hygiene process as well and maintaining all the Covid Precautions. We offer Clinical Skin and Hair Care, Rejuvenation and Skin Revival & ​Laser therapy, PRP and  Low Level Light Therapy.


Personalised Service

We believe that every individual is different and we treat everyone by thoroughly going through their issues and their requirements.


World - Class Treatment

Dr. Vohra's Skin Clinic was set up to provide world-class care with the usage of the latest technology and techniques for our patients.

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