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Dr. Ismat Ara Khan

MBBS (Hons, Gold Medalist), M.D, D.N.B





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Hair Loss Treatment


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About Dr. Ismat Ara Khan 

Step into the realm of dermatological excellence guided by Dr. Ismat Ara Khan, a seasoned professional boasting over 6 years of expertise. Specializing in cutting-edge solutions, Dr. Khan offers transformative treatments for hair loss, advanced laser therapy, acne & scars treatment, and chemical peels. Dermatologist and Cosmetologist Dr. Ismat Ara Kha has a prestigious degree in MBBS (Hons, Gold Medalist), M.D, D.N.B. Dr. Khan was West Bengal university topper MBBS (2016). She brings an unwavering commitment to patient care.

Opt for Dr. Ismat Ara Khan for personalized, expert care supported by a robust foundation of academic excellence and a steadfast dedication to advancing dermatological well-being. Your journey to optimal skin health begins here.

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