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How To Reduce Pigmentation Spots From Face?

India is a diverse country, which can be compared with a beautiful garden,where like various flowers in that garden, our fellow countrymen comes in different colors and have various complexion,which make this country unique and colorful.

We are unhealthily partial towards fair complexion ,but we must understand that various factors determine our colouring, among which,ethnicity,genetics,climate,nutrition all play a role. Melanin, the main pigment which imparts the colour to our skin ,along with others like beta carotene, hemoglobin etc, protects our skin from harmful Ultraviolet rays and play a major role in preventing Skin Cancer in coloured races.

People born with no melanin are called Albino,and with acquired partial or complete loss of cells producing melanin develop Vitiligo or leucoderma.

A person who gets plenty of sun exposure develops protective darkening of skin tone, which is commonly called a "TAN". Tanning is reversible and can be prevented if a person wears protective clothing and use proper sunscreen with UV A and B protection.

The choice of the sunscreen should be made with the help of a Dermatologist, as she or he will guide you choose one,depending on your skin type and professional requirements.

New age treatment like "Carbon Peel"( available at Dr. Vohra Skin Clinic ), can be done to get immediate response against tanning.

Excessive Darkening of skin sometimes may be early marker of certain endocrine and nutritional disorders too.

The most common acquired hyper pigmentation of face seen in adult population is Melasma, previously known as Mask of Pregnancy. Though most common in women ,men also suffer from this stubborn hyper pigmentation. Treatment consists of Sun protection, and long term use of safe non steroidal demelanising creams.

New age treatment consists of some oral medications, Medi peels , and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

People having under eye darkness ,apart from stress,nutritional deficiencies, genetic and anatomical factors ,certain skin and endocrine diseases like atopy, acanthosis nigricans has to be ruled out by undertaking certain diagnostic tests, and then are treated accordingly with medication s, peels ,PRP therapy etc.

To conclude though we have to be comfortable in our own skin,but excessive darkening or patches of dark or white skin can be a cause of concern requirng professional help from Dermatologist and sometimes Endocrinologist.

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