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Dos and Don’ts to Winter-Proof Your Skin

Winter is here and it is time to flaunt different shades of your red lipsticks, tie up knee-highs, and savor hot chocolate by the bucket. Although we adore cozy nights and tucking up in bed, our hair and skin secretly suffer. From extreme dryness to unforeseen breakouts, there are a lot of ‘meh’ moments during this season. But, we cannot let these moments hold us back from celebrating our favorite time of the year, right? So, we have compiled a list of ‘dos’ and absolute ‘don’ts’ to keep you looking gorgeous in the end-of-year party season.


Step up your sun protection game

Just because sun rays in winter don’t seem as harsh as in summer, doesn't mean you will put your SPF into storage. Even dashing to Starbucks to get a macchiato or driving to work will expose you to the sun's harmful effects, not to mention outdoor activities like picnics. The point is: use sunscreen every single day.

Have a cold shower – or a cold rinse at least

Cold showers in the winter may have you yelling, “hell no!” but it is actually good for both your hair and skin. Hot water tends to dry out both the skin and hair, while cold water tightens the pores and follicles. Additionally, it’s good for your circulation – often a common issue in the colder months. If you cannot handle a cold shower, finish off a hot one with a cold rinse.

Invest in a serum

Serums - like the booster in your juices - offer an intense hit of nutrients, and if there is any time to get on board with them, it is winter. Applied underneath your moisturizer, they will target your specific concerns. Goodbye redness, dullness and other pesky skin woes.

Clean Shaving Tools

Cleansing skin twice a day is important. But carefully choose cleaning instruments that touch your skin as well. For instance, every time you use a beard trimmer, you are picking up dead skin cells and oils. If you do not clean it with alcohol every time you use it, it may transform into an infectious cesspool, causing skin infections.


Lick your lips

Licking your dry lips may provide temporary relief, but you’re making it worse. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that break down the skin on lips and leave them dry and exposed to the elements. Instead, use a soothing lip balm. If the one you have chosen makes your lips tingle, try out a different one.

Over exfoliate

It’s important to exfoliate during the winter as our skin tends to flake, but over-exfoliating may cause damage. Using your usual exfoliant or a brush, carefully slough away the dead skin without putting pressure. Exfoliating is also a great way to get that blood flowing when you feel your limbs have turned to ice!

Use sulfate-based skincare products

Using beauty or bath products that have high Sulphate content can turn out to be detrimental to your skin, especially during winter. Products that contain aloe gel are usually beneficial as a replacement for most over-the-counter solutions for dry hands and dry feet.

These are only a few tips for battling the winter. There are several other ways to ensure your skin stays healthy, but by following the aforementioned do's and don’ts, you are sure to prevent dry and flakey skin. If all else fails, see a dermatologist. Winter is tough, but we can get through it one tip at a time!

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